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Low Cost Light Duty Sachet Packing Machines for Granules MODEL-FFSLD 60G




A low cost no-frills automatic vertical form fill seal sachet packaging machine (FFS machine) suitable for packing free-flowing powders/granules in single-use sachets for food service, pharmaceutical, contract packing and other industries.

This machine is ideal for producing sachets for oatmeal, coffee, sugar, monosodium glutamate, salt, seasoning powder, pepper, health tea, tea bags etc.

The FFSLD-60G is controlled by a double SCM (single chip) system and with a large LCD. There is a clear man-machine interface that can be easily understood.

Provisions are made in the machine for intelligent protection to maximize the yield and reduce wastage while maintaining machine stability. The machine will automatically stop functioning and display the failure information in the event of temperature control failure, heater burn-out failure, photo-electric failure or even when the machine runs out of film.

All these advanced features make the machine very stable and easy to use, thus resulting in high yield and low wastage at a very attractive cost.



#    Full epoxy coated rust resistant body. (Optional FULL STAINLESS STEEL BODY)
#    All contact parts like the forming tube, product hopper (reservoir), volumetric filler and measuring cups executed in aisi 304 stainless steel.
#    Hot foil printing unit for imprinting expiry date, batch number on each individual pouch.
#    Option for nitrogen flushing of each individual pouch, for high sanitization.
#     Settings for temperature, length, counter, photo-electric unit, heating, as well as machine commands like Mix, Move, and run or Stop operated by light press keys.
#     Microcomputer (SCM) Controller with a 115 mm x 64 mm LCD ENGLISH Display with a simple and easy to understand Man-Machine Interface
#     Spares available on demand at reasonable prices. Technical support available around the year, around the clock!
#     Accurate filling and easy weight adjustment with a high precision volumetric cup filler.
#     Runs on a regular 220V AC single phase power supply. Can be ordered with an optional step up transformer for countries with 110V AC power supply.
#     Machine LCD will show the error message for all problems encountered during operation for easy identification by the operator.
#     Electrical & mechanical protections available for compliance with accepted safety standards.
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Sealing Type .... 1. 3 side seal
2. 4 side seal (Fixed sachet width)
Volumetric Capacity per sachet .... 1-150 ml
Bag size* .... 30 mm-90 mm (width) x 40 mm - 130 mm (length)
Machine Speed** .... 40 - 80 bags per minute
Packing Material .... Heat Sealable laminated film like PET + PE, Foil + PE, Paper + Foil + PE, PET + Foil + PE, Paper + PE, and Heat Sealable Tea Bag Paper
Electricals .... Power Supply: AC 220V 50Hz/60Hz Single Phase
Power Requirement: 1.2 KW
Machine Dimensions (Packed) .... L x W x H : 960 x 760 x 1940 (mm)
Machine Weight (Packed) .... 230 Kgs. (506 lbs.)
*For 4-side seal sachet width will be fixed to one size. For other sizes, additional change parts will be required
**The packing speed of the machine depends upon the flow properties of the product and the choice of packaging material used.