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Pyramid Tea Bag Machines



The machine is suitable for the triangle (pyramid) tea bag packing of special teas with petals, spices , stalks and long leaves

The machine has functions including making the pyramid teabag, weighing, filling, closing cutting, counting,.
The machine has a standard twin head weigher which dispenses the flowery/leafy teas accurately into the teabag.
By using the advanced micro-computer control, the step motor, can control the length of bag and the string & tag position. Steady, easy adjusting, precise checking, automatic control ensure the accurate performance.

The machine has an optional addon equipment to further pack the tea bags individually in outer bags, with additional functions including date printing, stuff filling, and easy tearing. Special triangle appearance looks more beautiful and fashionable and ensures full steeping of the tea and quick transfer of the aroma and flavour to the cup..

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Shape of bag .... Triangle teabag with string and tag attached
Bag size .... 60 mm(L) 60 MM(W) 60 MM (H)
Weight method ....
Capacity .... 20-40 bag/min
Weight .... 500kg
Dimension(lxwxh) .... 900x700x1700 MM
Power .... ac220v 50hz 1.5kw
Air power .... 5-7 mpa