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FFS Machines for Liquids MODEL-0520L

FFS 0520L FFS 2050L FFS 50100L


A versatile fully automatic vertical form fill seal sachet packaging machine suitable for packing liquids and pastes in single serve sachets.

Suitable for shampoo, cosmetic creams, bath and massage oils, jam, sauces, etc, in the small volume range from 1 ml to 20 ml. Ideal for packaging these products for single-serve use for hotels, airlines, restaurants and fast food outlets, and for products to be sold through dispensing machines. This machine is particularly suited for packing honey sachets.

It has an extremely small foot-print. One machine requires only 10 square feet - 1 square metre of floor space. Multiple installations of the FFS 0520L may offer a better production alternative in some cases, to using one multi-track machine, technically and financially.

The machine has an electronic control unit for accurate sealing & cutting as per the sachet design. Sealing pattern available is 3-side seal or 4-side seal. The machine has an electronic photo-cell print registration unit for accurate sealing as per print area. Available with many optional advanced features such as microprocessor controlled sachet length, electronic speed control, automatic output sachet counting & batch creating, intelligent status warning devices for various parameters with shut-down and error reporting, etc.

Available in single track or twin track.

The machine displayed on this page is classified within the relevant EU directives and further conforms with the specified EU harmonized standards and in compliance with the relevant directive, the technical file of the product displayed on this page is held within the EU with our authorised representative.



#    Simple operation. No training required for start-up, operation or maintenance. The detailed illustrated manual supplied with the machine is enough to DO-IT-YOURSELF!  

Watch the Video of our Machine for Liquids & Pastes.

#    Internationally well-known reputed components used in the construction of the machine.
#    Spares available on demand at reasonable prices. Technical support available around the year, around the clock!
#    Supplied ready to use, mounted on movable castor wheels. It does not require any installation. Simply place it where you want and start production! This machine does not require any compressor, hydraulic system, or special electrical wiring.
#    Available for 220 volts AC single phase / 110 volts AC single phase power supply.
#    Various configurations available - (1) Low Cost Electro-Mechanical model with epoxy coated mild steel body cladding (2) Medium Range Electro-Mechanical GMP model with stainless steel body cladding (3) Full GMP top of the line model - electronic microprocessor controlled, all parameters changeable at the touch of a button, with all contact and non-contact parts in aisi 316 / 304 stainless steel as per GMP norms.
#     Two inline printing option available (1) hot foil ribbon printing for printing 2 line alphanumeric dates / batch codes (2) Inline flexo-graphic printing device for producing sachets for salt, pepper and sugar for hotels and restaurants PERSONALISED with name / logo printed in a single colour.
#     Accurate filling and easy weight adjustment with a high precision volumetric cup filler.
#     Easy-Change ™ Technology perfected by us is used on this machine. That means that you can change the film width, filled weight, sachet length - all within minutes!
#     Silent operation - the machines cannot be heard while in operation even a short distance away.
#     Electrical & mechanical protections available for compliance as per European / American standards.
SIKRI Machines come with a number of accessories.Please view these to decide what you need with your machine.
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Pouch shape .... 4- Side seal. Single track & Twin track.

3- Side seal. Single track  
End cut pattern .... Straight / Zigzag / Easy Tear Notch / Perforation
Packing Size Range .... Repeat Length: 60 to 100 mm/90 to 160mm/ 120 to 200 mm
Film Width: 60 to 240 mm
Packed Weight .... 5 ml to 20 ml 
Packing speed .... Single track: 20to 50 sachets per minute
Twin track: 40 to 100 sachets per minute
Packing Material .... Heat sealable laminated film like PET + PE, Foil + PE paper + Foil + PE , PET + Foil +PE, Paper+ PE etc. 
Electricals .... AC 220V 50 Hz Single Phase
Motor: ½ Kw.
Heaters: 4×350 watt /4 × 500 watt
Machine Dimensions .... L×W×H : 750 × 815 × 1880 (mm) (approx.) 
Crate Dimensions .... L×W×H : 965 × 850 × 1800 (mm) (approx.) 
Machine Weight .... 380 Kgs. Net/450 Kgs. Gross (approx.)